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He Shall Have Dominion From Sea to Sea!

On the Eve of Canada Day 2021, I awoke in the night and the Lord gave me this below. It is instruction with a decree! Please join with me as we pray over Canada! 

SPEAK to the land to respond to a holy call to spring forth with a harvest of righteousness. RIGHTEOUS sons and daughters arise now, this is your time, this is your hour! NO more delay!! The Mighty Ones of Valour, pick up your swords for battle, you are fit for battle array for such a time as this arise! 

We Decree over Canada: A stop to the moral landslide. Righteousness is Canada’s call, from your very inception, the Lord formed you to arise for this hour. For such a time as this, for such a time as this, for such a time as this!!! (I heard this 3x!) Break forth, break out, and break free from the chains of wickedness and deception!! See I have called you by name in this hour, to be a shining light filled with my Glory, filled with Heavenly Oil, a desire of Nations. Lift your head higher Oh Canada, to behold your destiny, to align with God’s purpose and sore with eagles!

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God has placed you for such a time as this in His kingdom right where you are, to bring the Esther anointing into the earth! I believe our Kings response will be, What is your request? What is your petition?” - Stephanie

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