Daughters of Oil! JOin us for Surrounded Women's Event 2021

We are no longer accepting Pre-Registrations, if you are interested in attending Surrounded Women's Event 2021 please email us at surrounded.women@gmail.com to be put on our waiting list. We will do our very best to accommodate everyone.

God has placed you for such a time as this in His kingdom right where you are, to bring the Esther anointing into the earth! I believe our Kings response will be, What is your request? What is your petition?” - Stephanie

Esther Anointing

Bridal Preparations and Intercession

In this new era the Lord is refining the bride of Christ in many areas, but a few that have been brought to my attention are those of Character, Anointing, & First Love. Read my newest blog!

Women on the Frontlines

On Facebook

I want to invite you to check out WOFL's Community - Join the Discussion on Facebook!

Join this incredible group by Women on the Frontlines! Are you a woman of faith? Are you a woman on the frontline of your home, your business, your company, your ministry? Do you feel isolated in this crazy time? Maybe you are searching for your tribe?

Why not join our community of Women On the FrontLines? The next few months we have some incredible projects lined up but most of all, you will be with a tribe of women on fire for Jesus on a path to fulfil their destiny!!! Come and join us!

Also, join Stephanie, Vita and Naomi on Monday nights for Power Up, an hour of worship and prayer on the Women on the Frontlines Facebook page!

New Album Now Available!

Baptize Me

Stephanie Israelson

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New Soaking Worship Album