Stephanie Israelson is a Canadian Worship Revivalist, called to stir and ignite Holy Spirit Fire in the hearts of worshippers. She serves as Worship Leader for Women on the Frontlines Global and is ordained with FCF Canada. Stephanie is married to Evangelist Brad Israelson and they have 5 amazing children! 


Stephanie was born in Woodstock, NB Canada, to a family of singers. Her parents were fiery singing Evangelists. With such an upbringing Stephanie soon became very aware of the presence of God at a very young age!

Stephanie came into a very powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit at 9 years of age! Since, she has witnessed incredible power, many miracles and encounters of the God kind that changes a life forever! 

Her father was dedicated to the work of the ministry in the nation of Canada since 1989. Stephanie travelled extensively with her family's ministry "The Evangels" full time for many years putting a total of 3.2 million Km's on several vehicles, recording 133 ministry trips touring East to West.

Stephanie eventually developed her own musical career as a professional gospel music artist. She's been nominated several times at Canada's GMA's for her song writing and cd's, winning Covenant Awards for Female Vocalist of the Year,  Inspirational Songwriting and most recently nominated for her latest song "Rise Up Canada". Throughout her musical career, Stephanie has had several radio hits in Canada with numerous songs sitting on the top 10 Cancon radio charts. Her music has been played on radio stations around the world. 

In her passion for people to encounter the Lord and experience revival, Stephanie has hosted many Surrounded Women's Conferences, Campmeetings, Out-door Services, Worship Concerts, Household Salvation Prayer Events, and worked with the BeOne Worship Team all the while serving in pastoral roles in the local church.

Women's Ministry

Women on the Frontlines

Stephanie has been working in Women's Ministry for over 25 years. She currently serves on the lead team of Women on the Frontlines Global with Wendy Peter and the rest of the team since 2020!  



Trained at YWAM Texas, Evangelist Brad Israelson has traveled all over the world in missions and visited many countries to spread the fire of the Gospel to all nations! Seeing many souls give their lives to Christ, Brad shares from his compelling experiences. 

Brad grew up in a ministry family, Del & Mel Israelson who were also traveling singing evangelists. Brad was also greatly impacted by his late Grandpa George Israelson who was miraculously converted and healed during the Milk River Revival in Alberta and John G Lakes powerful healing ministry. Grandpa George walked in a healing mantle from the time he gave his life to Christ and prayed for many to receive healing. 

Brad is ordained with Faith Christian Fellowship Canada, and has worked in Pastoral ministry for many years. His greatest passion throughout his life has been his work in missions and evangelism, mentoring and working with teams, and training others to preach the gospel.