Arise Shine

Arise Shine! - I want to share with you what the Lord was ministering to me last evening. These words rang in my spirit, “Evil and corruption have underestimated the strength and power of the body of Christ!” 

When Jesus the babe came lying in a manger so fragile and so meek Satan had no idea what God was up to, likewise in this hour, he has no clue what the body of Christ is capable of and the plan that God is going to carry out. 

The early church began with 120 radical men and women filled with the Spirit of God! Now there are men, women and children from every nation, tribe and tongue filled with God’s Spirit! This all began with One when Jesus came and now His Spirit resides in millions!!! 

Yes! The enemy is underestimating the people of God when we come into the unity of the Holy Spirit! 

Imagine for a moment... Jesus came filled and anointed with the Spirit of God, He was then multiplied to 120! Since then the 120 has been multiplied by millions upon millions filled with the anointing and presence!!! That’s a whole lot of “Spirit of God” that has permeated the earth!!! 

2020 has been a year of awakening and sobering for the church. The sleeping giant has been aroused! “Then I saw in my spirit a huge sleeping giant being aroused and awakened to its feet, to its foundation!” Standing tall and strong, standing high above all others! The demon hoards tremble at even the thoughts of such a sight let alone the reality of it! Shake off the heavy bands church! Lift up holy hands and worship! It’s not too late! Never give up, never give room to the doom and gloom of Satan! Arise Shine! Be the Light! You are the Light! 

Bring on 2021!!!!

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