The coming glory and deceiving spirits - Stanley Frodshams 1965

The Coming Glory and Deceiving Spirits


stanley-frodshamProphecy given at Elim Summer Bible Camp – New York in the Summer 1965

By Stanley Frodshams (who had travelled with Smith Wigglesworth)


When I visit My people in mighty revival power it is to prepare them for the darkness that lies ahead. With the glory shall come great darkness. For the glory is to prepare My people for that darkness. I will enable My people to go through because of a mighty visitation of My Spirit. Take heed to yourselves lest you be puffed up and think that you have already arrived. Many shall be puffed up in that hour as in the days of old. For many then did receive My message, but they did not continue in it. Did I not anoint Jehu? And yet the things I desired were not accomplished in his life.

Listen to the messengers that I will send, but do not hold any man’s personality in admiration. For many whom I shall anoint mightily with signs and miracles and wonders shall become lifted up and put upon a pedestal, but they shall fall by the wayside. I do not do this willingly, for I have made provision that they might stand. I call many into this ministry and equip them, but remember many shall fall in that hour. For Babylon shall not stand. They shall be like bright lights, and the people shall delight in their ministries, but they shall be taken over by deceiving spirits and lead many of My people astray.

Hearken diligently concerning these things, for in the last days shall come seducing spirits. (1 Timothy 4: 1) They shall turn many of the anointed ones away. Many shall fall through diverse lusts, and because sin abounds in their lives. But, if you will seek Me diligently, I will put My Spirit within you. When one shall turn to the right hand or one shall turn to the left hand, you shall not turn with them.

My people must be diligently warned concerning the days that lie ahead. Many shall turn after seducing and deceiving spirits. Many already are in the midst of the body seducing My people. It is those that do righteous that are righteous. Many cover their sins by their great theology and their great theological ways. But I warn you of seducing spirits who instruct My people in an evil way.

Many of these I shall anoint, that they may purify and sift My people, for I would have a holy people. Many shall come with seducing spirits and hold out lustful enticements. You will find, that after I evicted My people again, the way shall become more and more narrow, and few there are that shall walk therein. Be not deceived, it is the way of the righteous that is My way. For though Satan will come as an angel of light, hearken not unto him.

For those that perform miracles and speak not righteousness are not of Me. Those that have large crowds that follow them, but speak not of purifying and holiness are not of Me. I warn you, with great intensity, that I am going to judge My house, and have a Church without spot or wrinkle when I come. I desire to open your eyes and give you spiritual understanding that you may not be deceived, but may walk in uprightness of heart before Me, loving righteousness and hating and despising every evil way. Look unto Me and I will make you to perceive with the eyes of the Spirit the things that lurk in darkness. They are not visible to the human eye. Let Me lead you in this way, that you may precede the powers of darkness and battle against them. It is not a battle against flesh and blood, for if you battle in that way you will accomplish nothing.

But if you let Me take over and battle against the powers of darkness, then they are defeated and liberation is brought unto My people. I warn you to search the Scriptures diligently concerning these last days, for the things that are written shall indeed be manifested.

There shall come deceivers among My people, in increasing numbers, who speak for the truth and shall gain the favor and the hearts of the people.

For the people shall examine the Scriptures and say, “Is not what these men say true?” Then, when they have gained the hearts of the people, then and only then shall they bring out their wrong doctrines. Therefore I say unto you and warn you, ‘Oh people, do not give your hearts to men, nor hold people in admiration, for by these very persons shall Satan enter into My people.’ Watch for the seducers. Do you think a seducer will brandish a new heresy and flaunt it before the people? No, he will speak the words of righteousness and truth, and will appear as a minister of light declaring the Word.

And the people’s hearts shall be won over by their words, then, when their hearts are won, they shall bring out their doctrines, and the people shall be deceived. The people shall say, ‘Did he not speak this and that? Did we not examine it from the Word? Therefore, he is a minister of righteousness. This that he now has spoken, though we do not see it in the Word, it truly must be right, for everything else he has said is true.’

Be not deceived. For the deceiver will first work to gain the hearts of many, and then bring forth his false doctrines. You cannot discern those who are of Me and those who are not of Me when they start to preach, saith the Lord. But seek Me continuously, and when these doctrines are brought out, you shall have a witness within your heart that they are not of Me. Fear not, for I have warned you. Many will be deceived. But if you walk in holiness and uprightness before the Lord your God, your eyes shall be opened, and the Lord God shall protect you all the days of your life. If you will constantly look unto the Lord, you will know when the doctrine changes. And you will not be brought into this thing, if your heart is right, saith the Lord. I will keep you. And if you look constantly unto Me, I will uphold you. The minister of righteousness shall be on this wise, saith the Lord: his life shall agree with the Word, his lips shall give forth that which is holy truth, and it will be no mixture in his ministry. When the mixture appears, you will know that he is not a minister of righteousness. The deceivers speak first the truth and then error, to cover their own sins which they love.

Therefore, I exhort and command you, saith the Lord, to study the Scriptures relating to seducing spirits, for this is one of the greatest dangers for the Church in these last days. I desire you to be firmly established in My Word, not in the personalities or the ministries of men. You shall not be moved as many shall be moved. I would keep you in the paths of righteousness. Seek Me, diligently inquire of Me, that you may hear something, that you might know. I have come that you might have life, and have it more abundantly, and that you might triumph, even as I have triumphed. On the cross I triumphed over all the power of Satan, and I have called you to walk in the same path. For those who will not minister the crucified life and cross of Jesus Christ, do not understand righteousness. It is when your life is on the cross that you shall have victory which I have experienced. As you are on the cross and seated in Me, you shall know the power of My resurrection. When I came in My glory, the principalities and powers in heavenly places were broken.

Fear not, for I have given you power whereby you may tread upon the powers of darkness and come forth victorious. It was on the cross that I triumphed over all things. My life shall flow through you as you enter into these precious truths. Look unto Me and appropriate My life. As your eyes and desires are towards Me, and you know what it is to be crucified with Me, then you shall also know what it is to be resurrected by Me. It was not in My life that I walked upon the earth, but it was in My life when I was upon the cross that I openly spoiled the principalities and powers of darkness.

I am showing you truths, that you shall come to know, that you too can be an overcomer to have power over the wicked one. This truth shall liberate you, and it will liberate those around you. You shall know also the fellowship of My suffering, saith the Lord. There is no way by which you can be partakers of the heavenly glory and reign with Me without drinking of the Cup of My suffering. If we suffer with Him, the Word says, then we shall also reign with Him. I desire to make these truths real within you. Have revelation given to you, that you may have power to overcome the wicked one and bondages that are in you life. If you will indeed judge yourself, you shall not be judged. As you shall seek My Face and desire to be cleansed by Me, in all truth and sincerity of heart, I will judge you in the secret place. And the things that are in the secret place of your heart shall not be made manifest to others round about you. I shall do it in the secret place and no mind shall know it. And the shame that shall be seen on many faces in this last hour shall not be seen on your face.

Therefore, in love and mercy I am instructing you. And therefore, I have said that if a man judges himself, he will not be judged. It is not My good pleasure, that the shame of My people be seen by all.

How can I judge the world if I judge not first My own house? Hearken unto these things which I tell you. If you will not hearken unto Me, then the shame shall be evident unto all. I would have you consider My life on earth: the anointing upon Me was great and yet, the temptation was great on every side. In one form and then in another, offering Me first the glory of the kingdoms of the earth, and then reviling and courting and intensifying on every point and persecuting Me. There will be great glory given to My people, and yet, I would have you to know that in this last hour, the temptations shall intensify on every side. The glory to My Church shall be great, and so shall be the temptation from the enemy to turn My people from the directed paths which I have ordained.

I warn you, that when the glory shall be manifested, the temptations shall be great, until very few that start shall finish the race. First, they shall be offered the great worldly possessions, prosperity and then reviling and unbelief shall overtake them. Consider your purpose in this last hour. At times everyone shall rise up against and try with everything to turn you from that course of holiness. It is written of Me, that I set My face as a flint to go the direction My Father had prescribed for Me.

So, hear the Word of the Lord, if you are to finish the race with great victory and glory, you must determine to set your face as a flint with great determination. You must walk in the course laid before you.

Many of your loved ones and those who follow with you shall persecute you and even try to turn you from your course. With many words that seem right in the natural mind, they shall try to turn you. Did not Christ rebuke Peter who tried to turn Him off the course that God had prescribed for Him?

Understand these two things and meditate upon them solemnly in this last hour. The persecution and the darkness shall be as great as the glory, in order to try to turn the elect and the anointed ones from the path which the Lord God has laid down for them. Many shall start, but few shall be able to finish the course, because of the greatness of grace that shall be needed in that hour to endure to the end. The temptations and the persecution of your Lord were continuous. He was tempted by Satan in many forms through him, and He listened not, but He laid down His life upon the cross.

Think not that there shall be a time of no persecution. Think not that there will be a time of no temptation. For it shall be from the time of your anointing until the end of the course. Difficulties and great persecutions unto the end. The Lord must prepare you to be an overcomer in all things that you may be able to finish the course. The persecution shall increase, even as the anointing shall increase. Hear these words, ‘My grace is sufficient for you’ in that hour. In paths of justice and of righteousness shall the Lord God lead His people and bring them into a place which He has chosen for this time. For the Lord has chosen a place of righteousness. It is a place of holiness where He shall encamp round about them, and all who will be led of the Lord shall be brought into this holy place. For the Lord delights to dwell in His people. The Lord delights to manifest Himself through His people. The holiness of the Lord shall be manifested through His people. Let the Lord lead you into difficult places.

He led His people of old through a place where no man dwelt, where no man had passed through. It was a place of great danger and in the shadow of death. The Lord will indeed lead His people through such places, and yet, He will bring them into a place of great glory and victory. Understand that the way towards glory is great danger, but the Lord shall grace thee in that hour. Put your trust in Him and He will bring you into this place of holiness. For He desires to bring His people into this great joy and life. Put your trust in Him. Trust no man. It is a place where God will protect those from the voices that would try to turn them from the given path. He will bring them into a place where He will speak and lead His people. It is a place of great grace and glory. He will indeed camp round about them. Put your trust in Him and He will surely bring you into this new place. Fear not the days to come. But fear only this: that you shall walk in a manner pleasing unto the Lord. It is a time I am ordering and setting up My Church. It shall indeed be without spot or wrinkle. I will do a work in My beloved that has not been seen since the foundations of the world.

I will show you these things that you might seek the Lord diligently, with all your heart, and that you may be preserving of His marvelous grace. Run not to this or to that one, for the Lord has so ordained thy salvation, it is in Him and in Him alone. You shall not turn to this shepherd or to that one, for there shall be a great scattering upon the earth.

Therefore look unto Him, for He will indeed make these things clear unto you. You shall not look here or there for wells that once held water, they shall be no more.

But, as you diligently seek Me, He shall increase your strength and your faith, and His grace and enable you to prepare you for the time that is to come. The truth that I have revealed unto you must become a part of you, not just an experience, but a part of your very nature. Is it not written that I demand truth in the innermost parts? It is a truth of the Lord expressed in your very being that shall hold you and sustain you. Many shall experience the truth, but the truth must become a part of you and your very life. As men and women look upon you, they will hear not only the voice, but see an expression of that truth in our innermost being. Many shall be overcome because they are not permitting the truth to become a part of them at all times. But I am showing you in these truths, that they are to be a part of you, that you might be prepared and having done all, to stand, stand in this last hour. He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit now speaks to His Church.

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  • Mary Mader
    Mary Mader NS
    A message that everyone needs to hear. It touched my heart. God Bless you and your family.

    A message that everyone needs to hear. It touched my heart. God Bless you and your family.

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