Pray with Watchfullness, Purpose and Perseverance

Its been a while since I posted here, mainly because we've been away! We went to a ministry conference in Mississauga. On the Sat night of the conference as sister Terri Pearsons prayed I felt such an adjustment in the spirit, I felt like she was praying into our ministry alone! It was awesome! She was calling forth souls in prayer, and this is what the Lord has burdened my heart with, for many souls for the Kingdom! Praise God! It was such a privilege to be there!

That Sunday we ministered in the Joshua Centre with my sister Naomi and brother in law Michael Knoll. We had a wonderful time of worship and Brad preached, we had prayer with people after and it seemed the altar was flooded with people, it was wonderful to hear some testimonies of the what the Lord was doing in peoples lives after.

The next weekend we were all the way down to Bears Point in Nova Scotia, the most southern and eastern tip of Canada! We went to NS for Brad's sisters wedding reception (Tracy Mader) which was awesome, but then we ended up doing the evening service at the little Christian Advent Church there. Tracy told us to bring our instruments we would prob end up doing some music there. And we did indeed. Have you ever heard of 7 people, luggage for 7 people, 2 guitars, a keyboard (Tracy played with us), a sound system including speakers, mic stands and music stands to boot all fitting in a mini van!!!??? Haha, well thats just how it all went and we had a wonderful time singing and preaching there. As I spoke on prayer I could see people begin to look at one another with smiles and I knew I was a hitting a nerve that the Lord was already prodding at in them! While we were there I sensed the Spirit's desire for a harvest of souls in that place, and I pray oh dear God that it will happen in Jesus Name!

I'm so excited about what God is doing! I want to share a little tidbit from my notes that I shared this morning at our prayer...

Will you enter the "Prayer Fight" ?? We all know the scripture in Eph 6:10-18 about putting on the whole armour of God, knowing that our fight is not with flesh and blood. Lets look at verse 18. 

Pray at all times (on every occasion, in every season) in the Spirit, with all manner of prayer and entreaty. To that end keep alert and WATCH with strong PURPOSE and PERSEVERANCE, interceding in behalf of all the saints (God's consecrated people). Eph 6:18

So we are to pray at all times, be unceasing in prayer in the Spirit. Your prayer life will awaken you to begin walking in the spirit continually. As this happens the Lord calls us to a WATCHFULLNESS in the spirit in prayer. As the people began the rebuilding of the wall around Jerusalem in Nehemiah the men and the women had shovels in one hand busy building and swords in the other hand protecting, as they worked and built, they watched and protected! God is calling us even in the midst of our busyness to pray in the spirit and WATCH! Jesus said in Luke 21:36 Keep awake then and WATCH at all times (be discreet, attentive, and ready), praying... Notice a shift happen in your life as prayer becomes your focus, a watchfullness in the spirit will increase. In Eph 6:18 my next point is to have PURPOSE! It says to WATCH with STRONG PURPOSE! The Lord will give you purpose as you begin to pray for others and show you specific things to pray! And lastly pray with PERSEVERANCE! Daniel 10:12 Fear not, Daniel, for from the first day that you set your mind and heart to understand and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard, and I have come as a consequence of and in response to your words. When Daniel set his heart to pray, from the very first day the Lord heard his words, but Daniel pressed on through and persevered so he could receive the message the angel had for him. Too many times we pray and seem to touch something in the spirit or receive partial breakthroughs but don't press on in to the fullness of the breakthrough or all of what the Spirit has for us. So press in and press in some more and don't stop at 30% victory or 70% victory press in with perseverance for the complete 100% that is yours in Jesus name!

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