Loving on Holy God

Our approach to worship at The Worship and Prayer Barn is a little different in concept from how I traditionally have considered church worship. As a worship leader and someone that has traveled in music ministry, I have led worship on what seems like countless church stages. The thrust of church worship leading in my mind has always been on how can I get the worshippers that are attending the worship service or concert to effectively engage in worship and encourage abandonment in their worship. Worship leaders carry the weightiness in the spirit of successfully being able to accomplish being this catalyst of drawing people to worship or even in some cases to have the desire to worship. Knowing that the Holy Spirit is the true worship leader and you are accommodating Him takes some pressure off, but you still feel the weightiness of it all. After being here at the barn for really only a few months so far, its been so different to have to change the mechanical process of what I do and strip it all back to just worshipping God! I don't have the pressure of... Is the sound ok? Are the people worshipping? Am I saying the right things? Did I pick the right songs? etc… All I simply have to do is worship God in spirit and in truth and attend to Him. It's simple and yet so incredibly awesome and fathomless at the same time. I feel so "special" (haha, for lack of better words) that He would call me to be in this place at this point in my life to officially just be spending time with Him and loving on Him. The only weightiness that I feel is the weightiness of the Spirit that is so awesomely expressed at the barn every time I'm there to worship. Thank-you God for this awesome gift and opportunity to worship you daily here at the barn! This experience has revolutionized my concept of worship that I know will overflow in all aspects of my life and ministry. If I can encourage worship leaders today, I will leave you with this one last thought... worship God as if He is your only audience!

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