Increased Grace and Presence

    There is something so wildly amazing about this New Year 2018!!! I’ve heard different words from many reputable ministries that I follow. The two that have stuck out to me the most… this is the year of New Beginnings, this is the year of the Open Door… I have received both of these words into my spirit with open arms and would encourage you to do the same! 

     I too feel to declare and decree a word into the atmosphere! Since the New Year, I have said to those closest to me, this New Year has brought with it a release of vision and anticipation! A release to pursue, overtake and recover all! There is a sense of “Increased Grace and Presence” in this hour! Grace to dream and pursue the things of God, His Holy Presence to fill and sustain us for joys ahead! Thats what His holy presence will do, this increase will give you the sustenance that you need to fight your battles! Praise the Lord! You are truly surrounded by a heavenly host! What an awesome thought! 

    God bless you today! Receive this word into your heart and your spirit today! Don’t carry the things that you have struggled with from seasons past into this new season, this fresh new start! Leave them at the door and walk into the newness and freshness of this new season.  

    I declare over you today fresh presence of Holy God to be your portion, your delight and your joy! 

Phil 3:14 I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

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