An Open Heaven & Powerful Prayer

I am praising God tonight for all He has done in our lives this fall, and we are only at the midway point in October! Whenever we minister in different places I am always seeking God for an open Heaven. You may ask what do I mean by an open Heaven. The Lord started talking to us about an open Heaven for the first time in Jan 2014 when we went to Kansas City to record our album The Prayer. There we sensed the open Heaven of 24/7 worship and prayer. Picture it like this in your minds eye, envision Jacobs ladder with angels ascending and descending attending to the orders of the Lord and carrying the prayers and the praises of the people to the very throne of God.

In the last few weeks as we have ministered we have had several people come to us and share visions that they experienced during our concerts and Oasis House of Prayer. I want to share a couple of these here.

When we were on tour with Rend Collective a few weeks ago for their Maritime shows, I asked the Lord why He wanted me there. He said to me so clearly, "Prepare the way of the Lord". It gave me such a peace I knew for certain what my purpose in being involved in the tour now was, and He gave me such a confidence to sing and declare the words that He has given me in my music. After one of the shows, a particular man came and said to me he had a vision while I was singing the song "The Prayer"! He said a screen opened up in front of him and he saw huge ancient doors open in Heaven, he saw a white horse come riding through, he said there was flames of fire shooting out everywhere as the horse came riding through. It was so powerful! This vision is a direct confirmation of what the Lord had been saying that we were there to prepare the way of the Lord!

During Octobers Oasis, a woman came to me and said she saw "An Open Heaven" during the worship as we were singing! The Lord opened her eyes to see a golden stair case come down from heaven and she saw angels ascending and descending upon it! This just overjoys my heart as I pray before we minister that God will give us an open Heaven as we worship and pray! This is such a direct answer to prayer. 

Lastly I want to share a vision that I had myself at Tabernacle Life during Oasis. As we were praying I seen a vision within my spirit of all the hills in Carleton County filled with white horses and angels mounted upon the horses. In every direction as far as the eye could see there they were, warring angels on horses surrounding the church waiting for our prayers to be released. As we prayed different groups of angels would take our words and declarations and go to war and battle on behalf of our prayers. This was such a powerful site to behold! The Lord moved powerfully on the people of God that night to pray! Another lady that night had prayed and also saw angels going into peoples homes as we prayed and bringing readjustment according to the prayers. When the evening was done I was speaking with an individual and they had been given a word to pray but was too shy to stand up and speak it out. So I said, well lets pray about that word right now, its not too late! When I closed my eyes once again the Lord showed me the hills of Carleton County, only this time the hills were empty except for one large group of angels on horses who had been waiting for this final prophetic prayer to be released! As we prayed this final prayer I saw the angels take our prayers  to themselves and off they rode! This was such a lesson to me, how we must be obedient when the Lord gives us prayers, words and prophetic utterances! We must be obedient to release them into the atmosphere! Our prayers are important and God hears each one!

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