Anointing in the Olive Tree

Last Saturday I was planting my garden, not a vegetable garden but a garden with flowers and trees in it. A garden to enjoy the scenery and aroma’s. I was planting, pruning, digging up, & replanting. And as I was doing this the Lord was impressing on me the significance of the timing, and I began to see a prophetic gesturing unfold. 

“You are God’s garden and vineyard and field under cultivation, [you are] God’s building.”  1 Cor 3:9 (ampc) 

On Monday this week, I heard the Spirit of the Lord say to me, “Look to the Trees!” which I thought was a strange thing for the Spirit to say, but then I was reminded of all the scripture that refer to “Trees and the Planting of the Lord” in the Bible. 

Jesus Himself is referred to as the tender shoot or Branch. In Isaiah 53:2 For He [the Servant of God] grew up before Him like a tender shoot (or plant), And like a root out of dry ground.  Isaiah 11:1 “And there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a Branch shall grow out of his roots.”  Jeremiah 23:5 Behold, the days come, saith the Lord, that I will raise unto David a righteous Branch!” 

The Prophet Isaiah prophesies that Jesus would not bruise the person that is broken or crushed, referring to the person as a plant. “A bruised reed he will not break.” Isaiah 42:3 

Our Lord Jesus was also crucified on a “Tree”. 

Immediately, when I heard the Spirit of the Lord say “Look to the Trees” the Lord took me to Luke 21. 

Luke 21:29 Jesus said, “Look at the fig tree, and ALL the TREES!” 

The Lord began to show me in scripture that He compares the “Likeness” and “Characteristics” of “Trees or Plants” to people. 

In Luke 21 Jesus wanted us to recognize the signs of the times, Backing up to Luke 21:10 He says, “There will be upheavals of every kind.” 

You will recognize the signs of the times by what is happening in the earth and you will recognize the signs of the times when you see the transformation of the “Fig Tree and ALL the TREES!” 


Many scholars believe the “Fig Tree” represents the nation of Israel. 

The ‘Fathers of Israel’ or Patriarchs are seen as the first-fruits of the summer crop: 

Hosea 9:10 “I found Israel .. your fathers as the first fruits on the fig tree.” 

In Jeremiah, before Judah’s deportation to Babylon, God refers to the people on “4 levels” of “Good Figs” or “Bad Figs”. Please Note: Not just the Patriarch’s were compared to the figs, but the common people of Israel were also compared. 

Jeremiah 24:3 “The Lord said to me, ‘What do you see Jeremiah?’ And I said, ‘Figs, the good figs, and the VERY good figs, the bad figs, and the VERY bad figs, which cannot be eaten they are so bad.’” 

The Lord is unmistakably referring to “Types of People” to the “Types of Figs”. 

The Lord was showing the prophet the quality of the chosen people of God, as associated with the figs ripeness, unripeness, sweetness, good or poor, edible or un-edible quality. 

When looking to the trees, you don’t have to look very far to recognize that the “Oak Tree” represents individuals that display the healing power and righteousness of God! 

Isaiah 61:1 (tpt) 

The mighty Spirit of Lord Yahweh[a] is wrapped around[b] me 

    because Yahweh has anointed me,[c] 

    as a messenger to preach good news to the poor.[d] 

    He sent me to heal the wounds of the brokenhearted, 

    to tell captives, “You are free,”[e] 

    and to tell prisoners, “Be free from your darkness.”[f] 


I am sent to announce a new season[g] of Yahweh’s grace[h] 

    and a time of God’s recompense on his enemies,[i] 

    to comfort all who are in sorrow, 


to strengthen those crushed by despair who mourn in Zion— 

    to give them a beautiful bouquet, in the place of ashes, 

    the oil of bliss instead of tears, 

    and the mantle of joyous praise, instead of the spirit of heaviness. 

    Because of this, they will be known as……. 

“Mighty Oaks of Righteousness” planted by Yahweh as a living display of his glory. 

Let’s look to the characteristics of the “Oak Tree”! 

Wood from an Oak Tree is very strong and hard. Oak Trees grow to heights of up to 80 feet, with massive crowns and dense, heavy trunks. To support this size and weight, they rely on a large extensive root system to prevent them from falling over. 

The Psalmist writes, 

Psalm 1:1-3 


What delight comes to the one who follows God’s ways![b] 

    He won’t walk in step with the wicked, 

    nor share the sinner’s way, 

    nor be found sitting in the scorner’s seat. 


His passion is to remain true to the Word of “I AM,” 

    meditating day and night[c] on the true revelation of light.[d] 


He will be standing firm like a flourishing tree 

    planted[e] by God’s design, 

    deeply rooted by the brooks of bliss, 

    bearing fruit in every season of life. 

    He is never dry, never fainting, 

    ever blessed, ever prosperous. 

The NKJV says, 

He shall be like a tree 

Planted by the rivers of water, 

That brings forth its fruit in its season, 

Whose leaf also shall not wither; 

And whatever he does shall prosper. 

You and I are “Mighty Oaks”!!! 

The “Oil Tree” is the representation of the Kingly and Priestly role of the church, the people of God in the earth as we see in the books of Zechariah and Revelation. 

Zechariah 4:1-6 

And the angel who talked with me came again and awakened me, like a man who is wakened out of his sleep. 

2 And said to me, What do you see? I said, I see, and behold, a lampstand all of gold, with its bowl [for oil] on the top of it and its seven lamps on it, and [there are] seven pipes to each of the seven lamps which are upon the top of it. 

3 And there are two olive trees by it, one upon the right side of the bowl and the other upon the left side of it [feeding it continuously with oil]. 

4 So I asked the angel who talked with me, What are these, my lord? 

5 Then the angel who talked with me answered me, Do you not know what these are? And I said, No, my lord. 

6 Then he said to me, This [addition of the bowl to the candlestick, causing it to yield a ceaseless supply of oil from the olive trees] is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel, saying, Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit [of Whom the oil is a symbol], says the Lord of hosts. 

Zechariah 4:11-14 

11 Then I said to him [the angel who talked with me], What are these two olive trees on the right side of the lampstand and on the left side of it? 

12 And a second time I said to him, What are these two olive branches which are beside the two golden tubes or spouts by which the golden oil is emptied out? 

13 And he answered me, Do you not know what these are? And I said, No, my lord. 

14 Then said he, These are the two [b]sons of oil [Joshua the high priest and Zerubbabel the prince of Judah, the two anointed ones] who stand before the Lord of the whole earth [as His anointed instruments]. 

At that time, Joshua the High Priest, and Zerubbabel the King of Judah, were raised up as the “Olive Trees” who would feed the Spirit of God to the Lamp-stand of their time, the “Children of Israel”! They would act as God’s instruments to hear the Word of the Lord, and they, as well as all of Israel would heed the Anointing! “Not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord of Hosts!” 

The “Olive Tree” represents PEOPLE who will stand before the Lord as instruments of His “OIL”.  People who will be obedient to the call of God on their lives, and give themselves over to the useful purpose of birthing the Anointing in the earth, in our families, in our churches and in our communities! The “Olive Trees” feed oil to those around them. Revelation and Wisdom is on their tongues. They stir up the Anointing within them and lead out feeding oil others! 

As a mother, Look at your family as your lamp-stand to feed Heavenly Oil to. Determine in your spirit that you will be the “Oil Tree”! You will say yes to the Spirit of God! 

Be an Olive Tree to your sphere of influence! Be an Olive Tree in your church! Be an Olive Tree in your communities! 

Psalm 52:8 But I am like a flourishing olive tree, ANOINTED in the house of God. I trust in the unending love God, His passion toward me is forever and ever. tpt 

It’s so amazing when different ones in our church will stand up with a prayer to pray or share a word they feel burning in their heart, Some will stand and say I feel we need to do something in this service, they will proceed to heed the voice of the Spirit. We’ve given room for the “Oil Trees” in our church to feed the oil that God has deposited in them to our lamp-stand! When we do this our lamp burns ever brighter, and God moves in power amongst the body! 

Rev 11:3-6 tpt And I will authorize my two witnesses to prophesy, wearing sackcloth for one thousand two hundred and sixty days. (Or 3.5 years) These two witnesses are the two olive trees and the two lamp-stands that stand before the Lord God of the whole earth. 5 If anyone attempts to harm them, fire will flow out of their mouths and consume their foes. All who seek to harm them will die in this way. They have authority to shut the heavens so that no rain will fall during the days of their prophesying. They have authority over the waters to turn them into blood and to strike the earth with every plague imaginable, as often as they desire. 

Passion Translation footnotes excerpt says, “Some scholars see the two Olive Trees as Moses or Elijah, others view them as believing Jews & Gentiles.” 

Either way, the 2 Olive Trees are PEOPLE!!! Because God chooses to flow His oil through PEOPLE!!! They are INSTRUMENTS of the OIL of God, releasing the Word of God! 

Notice that previously in Revelation 1:12, John saw “7 golden lamp-stands”. He saw 7 predominate churches, and now suddenly in Revelation 11 we have only “2 lamp-stands” left. It would seem either there was a huge falling away, or maybe the church would have come into a place of incredible unity and oneness! Maybe there is a little bit of both that has taken place! 

Notice how the role of the “Olive Trees” was to prophecy the Word of the Lord and to move in the miraculous! 

Think of the thrust of the church today and the powerful voices that have arisen throughout the generations since the inception of the church! Men and women of God! Oil Trees that put on sackcloth that they might become instruments of the OIL, yielded vessels to the glory of God! 

I think of Kathryn Kuhlman a woman through whom the Anointing healed tens of thousands of people! Whenever asked what her secret was to the “Anointing” she would say, “It has cost me everything!” Or she would say, “One must YIELD.” 

Jeremiah 11:16 The LORD called thy name, A green olive tree, fair, and of goodly fruit: 

Isaiah 41:17-19 

17. “The poor and needy are seeking water, but there is none; 

Their tongues are parched with thirst. 

I, the Lord, will answer them Myself; 

I, the God of Israel, will not neglect them. 

18. I will open rivers on the barren heights 

And springs in the midst of the valleys; 

I will make the wilderness a reed-pool of water 

And the dry land springs of water. 

19. I will put the cedar in the wilderness, 

The acacia, the myrtle and the olive tree; 

I will place the juniper in the desert 

Together with the box tree and the cypress. 

The Lord has placed the “OIL TREE” in the midst of the desert! The spiritual tongue of the wicked is parched and dry, but the Lord has planted Oil Trees on the barren heights! Where every tree is planted, it is promised that waters will flow. 

For example: Because "Emily" is located in "Avondale", Oil will flow there because she is the planting of the Lord! Because of Emily is an “Olive Tree”, provision is made for others! 

Because of your existence in your family, waters will flow! Because of your existence in the desert, waters will flow and rivers of supernatural life will be opened up! Because of your geographical planting, springs will burst forth! 

You are the planting of the Lord in this hour!! You are key and vital to the lamp-stand you feed! 

You are an Olive Tree in your Family!

You are an Olive Tree in your Church 

You are an Olive Tree in your Community 

You are an Olive Tree in this Nation, God has given you prophetic prayers to pray concerning the Nation of Canada. 

We have come through an unprecedented time in the Nations, Stand tall like the mighty Oak, the Olive, the Cedar! God Bless you! 

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